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50 Millesimal potency, Aggravation, Chi-square, Constitution, Nanoparticle

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Introduction: The 50 millesimal potency, is not fully utilized in our day to day practice. This retrospective study was done to reveal a new horizon for the physicians who use it occasionally and an eye opener for those who have never tried it. Aim: The aim was to evaluate the usefulness of 50 Millesimal potency of indicated medicine in the treatment of chronic diseases from a retrospective study. Materials and Methods: Cases treated with 50 Millesimal potency (LM) during January-May 2014, were screened and based on eligibility criteria, 50 cases were selected to study retrospectively. Treatment outcome was analyzed based on follow-up criteria. Data were statistically analyzed with Chi-square test in GNU PSPP Software. Results: 50 Millesimal potencies have the potential to give significant improvement (P = 0.01) in the treatment of chronic diseases. There were no cases reported with aggravation. The action of LM potency is not influenced (P = 0.97) by previously used Centesimal potency. Constitutional prescription has proved to have significant (P = 0.01) association with treatment outcome with LM potency, whereas Sector prescription (P = 0.12) does not. Irrespective of age, gender, and duration of illness, 50 Millesimal potencies act advantageously. Conclusion: The data suggest that 50 Millesimal potencies have significant beneficial effects in the treatment of chronic diseases.

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