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Homoeopathy, Multicenter open clinical trial, Observational study, Vitiligo

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Background: Vitiligo has an immense psychological impact on the affected individual and a reason for low self-esteem. Considering the disappointing outcomes, A multicentric open clinical study was undertaken by the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, at five institutes and units in India from October 2005 to September 2010. Aims and Objectives: This observational study aimed to see the usefulness of homoeopathic therapy in the management of vitiligo. Materials and Methods: 432 patients of all age groups suffering from vitiligo were enrolled in the study. Out of that, 169 patients completed 2 years of follow-up and were considered for analysis. Homoeopathic medicines, based on the totality of symptoms and repertorization were prescribed. The analysis of the cases was based on the Vitiligo Symptom Score (VSS) and photographs of the patients. Result was analyzed using statistical method of SPSS version 20. Results: The changes in the mean VSS at intervals of every 6 months was found to be statistically significant. Homoeopathic treatment was found to be useful in relieving vitiligo in varying degrees in 126 patients, out of which 4 (2.94%) cases showed marked improvement, 15 (11.03%) cases showed moderate improvement, 77 (56.62%) cases showed mild improvement, and 30 patients although improved, fell in the category of not significant improvement group (below 25% improvement). Ten homoeopathic medicines were found useful in the study of which Sulphur (n = 27), Arsenicum album (n = 19), Phosphorus (n = 19), and Lycopodium clavatum (n = 10) were the most commonly indicated and useful medicines.

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