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Acute Encephalitis Syndrome, Homoeopathy, India, Institutional management protocol, Morbidity, Mortality, Observational study

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Background: Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) treated according to Institutional Management Protocol (IMP) has considerable mortality and morbidity. The study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of homoeopathic treatment (H) as an add-on to IMP (IMP + H) for children affected with AES. Materials and Methods: This was an exploratory observational study carried out in the IPD setting (epidemic ward) of Baba Rhaghav Das Medical College and Nehru Hospital, Uttar Pradesh (July to November 2012) using convenience sampling. Children whose guardians gave consent were treated with IMP + H and rest remained on IMP only. Glasgow outcome scale was used at discharge for the final outcome. Results: 151 children (121 in IMP + H and 30 in only IMP) diagnosed with AES (aged 6 months to 18 years) were enrolled. The results showed 12 (9.9%) death out of 121 children administered IMP + H whereas it was 13 (43%) out of 30 children on IMP alone. Proportional odds analysis with covariate adjustment showed added benefit of Homoeopathy in children with AES as compared to IMP alone (adjusted odds ratio, 0.17, 95% confidence interval 0·06-0.45, P = 0·0001). The most useful medicines are Belladonna, Stramonium, Arsenicum album, Helleborus, Bryonia alba, Sulphur, and Cuprum metallicum. Conclusion: This exploratory observational study suggests reduction of mortality and morbidity with add-on homoeopathic medicine. Further randomized controlled trial study with comparable groups is desirable. If findings are confirmed by subsequent research, add-on Homoeopathy might have relevant implication for its management.

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