Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy


Bacopa monnieri, Homoeopathic potencies, In vitro assay, Photosynthesis, Ultra molecular, Zinc sulphate

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Background: Zinc is one of the essential micronutrients in plants required in very low quantity for plant growth and development. In higher concentration, it is known to to reduce the rate of photosynthesis, So homoeopathic preparations tested to see it role on plan growth. Objective: To analyse the effect of homoeopathic preparation of Zinc sulphate on plants through in-vitro assay using Bacopa monnieri as a model plant system. Materials and Methods: Six homoeopathic potencies (1X to 6X) of Zinc sulphate were used on a decimal scale along with the control (MS basal agar medium). The samples were evaluated by adding fixed amount (100 μl) in the media as well as by dipping the explants in the test sample overnight. At the completion of the incubation period (14 days) the fresh and dry weight, number and length of the roots, number and length of the shoots and the number of leaves were analysed. Results: It was observed that Zinc sulphate showed growth inhibition at potencies from 1X to 5X, whereas at potency 6X, it exhibited growth promotion effect, when compared with the control. Conclusion: Homoeopathic drug (Zinc sulphate) exhibited growth promotion at higher potency (6X) and growth inhibition at lower potencies (1X to 5X) on Bacopa monneiri.

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