Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy


Acute tracheobronchitis; Cough; Phosphorus; Arsenicum album; Pulsatilla nigricans

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Abstract : Sn open multicentre clinical trial was aimed to evolve the usefulness of a group of homoeopathic medicines in the management of acute tracheobronchitis with regard to improvement in its symptom complex. Patients presenting coryza with irritable dry or productive cough, oppression chest and neutrophillic leucocytosis were enrolled in the study from October 2005 to September 2008. Severity of patients′ disease condition was evaluated as per tracheobronchitis symptom scale. Symptoms of disease as well as characteristic symptoms of individual patients were considered for selection of medicine from a group of 14 trial medicines. Selected medicine was prescribed in 6C potency (10-12 dilution) and was repeated from few minutes to few hours, as per the need of each case. There was significant reduction in the symptom score within 24 hours of starting the treatment (p = 0.000 < .05). At the end of study follow up, 91% of the patients reported either cured or markedly improved. Phosphorus (n = 58), Arsenicum album (n = 52), Bryonia alba (n = 21) and Pulsatilla nigricans (n = 16) were found most commonly indicated and useful medicines. It is inferred from this study that homoeopathy has a positive role in the management of acute tracheobronchitis but the trial may be repeated in better study design settings to make the study acceptable to the scientific community.

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