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homoeopathy; observational study; ovarian cyst; natrum muriaticum; pulsatilla; sepia

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Background and Objectives: Patients with persistent ovarian cyst for more than 6 months which do not respond to hormone therapy usually, require surgical treatment. Surgery should be avoided as much as possible in unmarried and childless women where future reproductive functions are of prime concern. There are a few claims by homoeopathic physicians to have treated cases of ovarian cysts with homoeopathic medicines. Such claims, however, have neither been scientifically documented nor published. To give scientific support to such sporadic claims, a clinical study was carried out to evaluate the usefulness of homoeopathic medicines for treatment of patients suffering from ovarian cyst. Methods: A total of 73 patients suffering from ovarian cysts were enrolled, as per inclusion criteria out of which 48 completed the study according to protocol. Medicines selected on the basis of principles of homoeopathy were prescribed and changes in the size of ovarian cysts were assessed at the end of 1 year on the basis of pre and post treatment ultrasonography reports and hormonal tests. Results: After comparing pre and post treatment ultrasonography reports, the difference in mean values of maximum dimension of ovarian cyst was found to be statistically significant (p value < 0.05). Cyst was totally resolved in 8 (16.67%) patients, 10 (20.83%) patients had reduction in the size of the cysts, 21 (43.75%) patients remained status quo while 9 (18.75%) did not improve. Natrum muriaticum (n=7), Pulsatilla (n= 3), Sepia (n=3) and Calcarea carbonicum (n= 2) were found to be most useful homoeopathic medicines. Conclusion: The preliminary results obtained from this observational study are encouraging. The study indicates the positive role of Homoeopathic therapy in the management of ovarian cysts. Such study with bigger sample size through randomized controlled trial is needed for further validation.

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