Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy


Ammi visnaga Linn; fruits; homoeopathy; standardization; pharmacognosy; physicochemical studies

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Ammi visnaga L. is an annual herb belonging to the family Apiaceae. The dried ripe fruits of this plant are powerful bronchial antispasmodic, cures asthma, besides a strong photosensitiser. The fruit is small, 2 - 2.5 mm in diameter, oval or ellipsoid to lanceolate; each mericarp in transection appears as a pentagon; vittae are present in the secondary ridges; primary ridges possess glandular lacunae; endosperm is enclosed by a testa; aleurone grains are present in the endosperm besides a few sphaeraphides. The powder microscopic and organoleptic characters are provided. Physico-chemical parameters of raw drug viz., extractive values, ash values, formulation, besides weight per ml., total solids, alcohol content along with Thin Layer Chromatographic (TLC) and Ultra Violet Spectroscopic (UV) studies have been undertaken for mother tincture.

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