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homeopathy; acute diarrheal disease in children; podophyllum peltatum; chamomilla

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Background & objectives: Acute diarrheal disease is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in developing countries. No data regarding the pediatric population suffering from acute diarrhea seeking homoeopathic treatment in India are available. Therefore, an observational study on acute diarrheal diseases in children was undertaken with 14 predefined trial homoeopathic medicines to arrive at a group of useful homeopathic medicines for the treatment of acute childhood diarrhea. Methods: A prospective, multi-centre observational study was conducted by Central Council for Research in Homeopathy at its various Institutes and Units throughout India during Oct. 2005- Sept. 2008. A total of three hundred twenty seven children in the age-group, 6 months to 12 years, were included. Trial medicines selected on the principles of Homeopathy were prescribed and the diarrhea index score was assessed before and after treatment using SPSS (ver. 16). Results: The difference in the mean number of stools and diarrhea index score was found to be statistically significant (p=0.000, <0.05) after the prescription of trial homoeopathic medicines in 321 children. The diarrhea index score got either worsened or remained unchanged from the baseline score in 6 (1.83%) children. Of the 14 medicines half of them viz.,Podophyllum peltatum (n=158), Chamomilla (n=49), Aethusa cynapium (n=25), Mercurius solubilis (n=23), Calcarea carbonica (n=21), Sulphur (n=18), and Phosphorus (n=17) were found to be most useful among the 14 predefined trial medicines. Conclusion: This was an observational study with positive results leads to further validation by suitable Randomized Control Trial(s).

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