Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy


homoeopathic drugs, alcohol, adrenergic nerve plexus, AST, SGOT, cholesterol, triglyceride.

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Rats were given 20% alcohol as compulsory drink for 6 months. They were treated separately with Nux vom 30, Chelidonium 30 & Carbon sulph 30, one dose daily for 30 days in the 6th month. After 6 months all the rats were autopsied & their blood samples were taken for serological tests. Atrio- ventricular valves of the rats were taken out, processed & examined for adrenergic nerve plexuses. Treatment with Nux vom 30 & Chelidonium 30 reduced significantly alcohol-induced degeneration of adrenergic nerve plexuses of rats as compared to the untreated control of alcohol fed rats. These two homoeopathic potencies also significantly reduced the alcohol-induced increase in AST, SGOT, total cholesterol & triglyceride in serum as compared to the untreated alcohol-fed control. The results very clearly demonstrate that homoeopathic potencies are capable of changing both anatomical & biochemical parameters in animals.

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