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menopause, psychosomatic, trichomonas vaginalis, crotalus horridus, hot flushes, lachesis, crotalus horridus, climacteric period, case study

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This case report highlights the positive role of homoeopathic treatment in the management of the endocrinal syndrome of ′Menopause′. The improvement registered was not only subjective but also on patho-physiological parameters. This is evident from the data with regard to subjective and objective manifestations and pathological investigations recorded at the commencement of treatment and on conclusion of the treatment. The improvement in psychosomatic manifestations was corroborated by improvement in hormonal levels where FSH level came down from 54.61 to 15.72 mIU/ml. The psychosomatic manifestations included anxiety and depression, palpitation, insomnia, memory lapses, mood swings, hot flushes and night sweats; all were alleviated with a drug not frequently used for climacteric ailments, i.e. Crotalus horridus. The common presenting symptoms of the patient were repertorized to arrive at this medicine, which is not so frequently used for menopausal complaints (an approach different from the conventional one of repertorizing individual characteristics of the patient).With this medicine other concomitant pathological conditions like Trichomonas vaginalis discharge, chronic cervicitis, Nabothian follicle and tenderness in the right fornix disappeared completely. The consultant Gynaecologist monitored the case throughout the study and she duly authenticated the finasl dings.

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