Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy


apis, carcinosin, thuja, ehrlich ascites carcinoma, survival time

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As a part of our composite programme of rational drug discovery, homeopathic medicines Carcinosin, Apis and Thuja with different strengths were taken into consideration for anticancer activity to find out the effectiveness of these drugs in animal models. Here, we have reported the anticancer activity of Carcinosin of some strengths from a manufacturer where tumor cell count as well as tumor weight inhibition were considered as the biological activity parameters. Anticancer activity of all collected medicines of Carcinosin, Apis and Thuja were evaluated against another animal model considering the survival time as the biological activity parameter. Result showed that the survival time of Carcinosin is proportionally increased with potency and the observed result also satisfies the validity of the animal model for anticancer evaluation as well as supports our earlier observations. Apies and Thuja did not show promising result to increase the survival time.

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