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homoeopathy, castanea sativa mill., standardisation, pharmacognosy, physico-chemical, pharmacopoeia

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Castanea sativa Mill. A tree belonging to the family Fagaceae is a potential drug in Homoeopathy. The leaves are used as tonic, astringent, In paroxysmal coughs and diarrhoea. The leaves are large, lanceotate with deep serrate margins and covered by indumentum on the lower side. The epidermis has cells with thick straight to curved or wavy sides. Stomata are actinocytic or anomocytic. The abaxial side has dense hairy cover consisting of 2-6 armed and stellate hair. In T.S. the ratio of midvein to lamina is 6:1. Sphaeraphidal idioblasts are present in the cortical perenchyma and pith of midvein and petiole. The vascular tissue appears in the form of a plectostele in the midvein end petiole. Besides, powder microscopical and organoleptic characters are presented. Physico-chemical parameters of raw drug viz., extractive values, ash values, formulation, besides. Wt. per ml, total solids, alcohol content and T.L.C. and U.V. studies are given for mother tincture.

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