Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy

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Niharika Shaw


Diabetes mellitus, Diabetic foot ulcer, Homoeopathy, Lachesis mutus

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Case Report


Introduction: Diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) is the most common neuropathic complication of diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes and improper foot care lead to serious conditions like DFU from minor injuries. Regular dressing and proper foot care are required for its improvement. Patients are left with no other option than amputation of the limb. Dressing for a longer period seems not convenient and feasible at the patient’s end. DFU also has wet gangrene as one of its major complications. Case Summary: This case report presents a case of a diabetic patient complaining of a foot ulcer for the past nine years, following the bite of a mongoose. On the basis of totality of symptoms, individualised homoeopathic medicine Lachesis mutus was prescribed. The ulcer improved in three months after homoeopathic medication without the use of any external application. The improvement has been depicted in this case report through pictographic evidence. The subjective assessment of the case was done using Outcomes Related to Impact on Daily Living (ORIDL) and Modified Naranjo Criteria for Homoeopathy (MONARCH) was used to evaluate the causal-effect relationship in the case, which showed a score of +3 and +8, respectively. The improvement in the ulcer was also assessed through photographs.

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