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Girish Gupta


Case report, Gallstone, Holistic, Homoeopathy, Paediatric cholelithiasis

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Case Report


Introduction: Gallstones are formed due to the precipitation of components of bile in the lumen of the gallbladder. The incidence of gallstones is extremely rare in children and patients are mostly asymptomatic. However, biliary colic may occur due to reflexive smooth muscle spasm by the stone obstructing the bile duct and may be the presenting symptom in 50% of cases of paediatric cholelithiasis whereas 25% may have non-specific symptoms, 20% may be asymptomatic and 5–10% may have complicated symptoms. The conventional treatment of gallstones is surgery even in children, whereas homoeopathy can provide non-surgical treatment in such cases. Case Summary: A 3-year-old girl child presented with multiple gallstones and recurrent right hypochondrial pain, nausea and vomiting. Surgeons had advised the parents to wait and watch. Phosphorus 30C and Chelidonium majus Q were selected after a detailed case recording and repertorisation, and this treatment gave a positive outcome in 4 months. Evidence-based treatment with individualised homoeopathic medicine thus, seem to help in the cases of paediatric cholelithiasis.

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