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Narasimha Kumar GV


Acute toxicity, Homoeopathy, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Rhus tox., Safety, Subacute toxicity

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Background: Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus tox.) is a well-known homoeopathic medicine used to treat inflammatory disorders supported by historical and modern scientific evidence. Objective: The safety testing of 6C, 30C and 200C potencies of Rhus tox. through acute and sub-acute oral toxicity tests as per the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development test guidelines. Methods: For the acute oral toxicity study, Rhus tox. (2000 μL/kg) was administered to rats and observed for 14 days. For the subacute oral toxicity study, Rhus tox. (200 μL/kg) was administered for 28 days and additional recovery groups were included to monitor reversibility, persistence, or delayed occurrence of toxic effects for 14 days post-treatment. Histopathological assessments of vital organs were done to detect any signs of toxicity. Results: No mortality occurred during the acute toxicity study at a dose of 2000 μL/kg, indicating an oral LD50 of Rhus tox. >2000 μL/kg. In the sub-acute toxicity study, Rhus tox. administration for 28 days showed no adverse clinical signs, with normal weight gain and feed intake in treated animals. No adverse changes were noticed in the biochemical and haematological parameters of Rhus tox. treated rats. Furthermore, no abnormalities were observed in gross and histopathological examinations of vital organs. Conclusion: The study found that Rhus tox. in 6C, 30C and 200C potencies exhibited a safe toxicological profile, supporting its beneficial pharmacological effects.

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