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Homoeopathy, Universal Health Coverage, HealthForAll, primary health care, pluralism, ayush

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The expansion of health service coverage, a key target of the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals, has seen limited progress in recent years, further hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the financial protection has witnessed a decline. Fifty percent of the global population lacks access to essential health services. An estimated 2 billion people grapple with financial hardships resulting from out-of-pocket health expenses, including 344 million individuals residing in extreme poverty.

On 12 December 2012, a historic resolution endorsing the acceleration of progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as a paramount international development priority was unanimously endorsed by the United Nations. Two years later, on 12 December 2014, the Universal Health Coverage Coalition initiated the celebration of December 12 as UHC Day, emphasising the importance of holding leaders accountable for their commitment to #HealthForAll. Recognising the significance of this initiative, the United Nations officially designated December 12 as International Universal Health Coverage Day on 12 December 2017. In December 2023, the global community renewed its commitment to achieving UHC for all with the adoption of the United Nations Political Declaration on UHC (21 September 2023). Now, there is a call for immediate and tangible steps to reignite progress, emphasising the need for concrete actions following this renewed commitment.

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