Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy

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Rudi Verspoor


Vaccination, Organon, Medicine of Experience, Hahnemann, Homeopathy

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Response to Letter to Editor


There is a debate on the merits of modern vaccination in relation to Hahnemann’s position regarding this practice in his time. The authors of a recent Letter to the Editor argue that Hahnemann was in favour of vaccination and that we need to assess vaccination objectively. I agree with both of these positions, but disagree as to the details regarding what is meant by these two conclusions. I argue that Hahnemann made clear that vaccination did not provide immunity, and never can. I further argue that there are better alternatives to vaccination in terms of boosting the immune system, and that there are also remedies that provide actual immunity.

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Himanshu Sekhar Tiwary and Nidhi Tiwary, Hahnemann’s position on vaccination: A call to rethink

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Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy

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