Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy

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Indu Shukla


Case reports, Constitutional Homeopathic medicines, Natrum Mur, Sulphur, Tinea faciei

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Case Report


Introduction: Tinea faciei, also known as tinea faciale or facial ringworm, is a common infection of the skin on the face caused by a fungus. In general, tinea infections are quite common, but facial ringworm infections happen mostly in teens and young adults or anyone with an immunosuppressive disease. Management involves the use of topical antifungals in limited diseases, and oral therapy is usually reserved for more extensive cases. These agents have side effects, sometimes even severe. Cases Summary: Two diagnosed cases of tinea faciei, treated with individualized constitutional homeopathic medicines, are presented. Both patients complained of red, itchy rashes on their faces, which were treated using homeopathic medicine. The cases were documented photographically at the onset and the end of treatment. Both patients went into remission following treatment, and long-term follow-up suggested that the therapy remained efficacious long after cessation of treatment. No significant side effects were noted. Homeopathic medicines may be effective for the treatment of tinea, without any side effects. More research on the subject is warranted.

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Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy

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