Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy

Corresponding Author

Deepthi Gilla


Agoraphobia, American Psychiatric Association severity measure for phobia, Homoeopathy, Phobic anxiety disorders, Social phobia, Specific phobia

Article Type

Case Series


Introduction: Phobic anxiety disorders (PAD) are common distressing and disabling disorders that reduce the quality of life of an individual. Clinical trials of phobic disorders in conventional treatment are not yet substantiated with too many positive results. Homoeopathy is a well established therapeutic system with potential relevance to psychiatry but has a limited database and its effectiveness in certain disorders such as Phobic disorders is yet to be explored. Cases of phobias, which have been cured in routine homoeopathic practice remain anecdotal. This case series generates preliminary evidence for the usefulness of homoeopathy in phobic disorders. Well planned research studies with calculated sample size and suitable study designs are necessary to corroborate the evidence. Cases Summary: A series of five case reports of PAD which were treated with homoeopathic medicines in OPD of National Homoeopathy Research Institute in Mental Health, Kottayam are presented here. Cases which were assessed for severity using American Psychiatric Association (APA) Severity Measures for Phobia Adult at baseline and with a 1-year follow-up at periodic monthly interval are reported. Their baseline and monthly scores were analyzed, and results are summarized. The mean APA Phobia Severity measure value of the five cases i.e., 35 at baseline reduced to 0 (Asymptomatic) in an average duration of 8 months. The improvement continued steadily up to 12 months. Results point out preliminary evidence for utility of Homoeopathy in Phobic disorders and stimulate for further research in this area.

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