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Ambient electromagnetic field, Critical concentration, Nanoparticle, Quantum domain, Succussion

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Background: The fact that homoeopathic medicines act even at very high dilutions has created a confusion amongst scientists. This led to different models such as formation of nanoparticles and memory of water. The basic question 'what is responsible for physiological activity of homoeopathic medicines' is yet to be answered conclusively. Objective: The objective of this overview was to find out if formation of nanoparticles or creation of quantum domain in the medium is responsible for the physiological activity of homoeopathic medicines. Methods: This overview is based on the experiments done between 2004 and 2019. Results: The succussion of the medicine has the following effects: i. At high potency, due to the mechanical energy transferred to the system, the size of the substrate reduces to nanodimension increasing membrane permeability. Furthermore, they affect several electrical properties of an electroactive polymer and enhance thermovoltage generation. ii. In the presence of an ambient electromagnetic field, domains composed of the vehicular polar molecules are formed, which bear the signature of the dissolved solute. The domains are sources of quasi-free electrons which are manifested in voltage generation separating two different polar media. The structured water also explains the ultraviolet–visible (UV-Vis) spectra. Conclusion: In high potency, formation of nanoparticles explains the effect of homoeopathic medicines on properties such as permeability, electrical properties of polymers and thermovoltage generation, whereas formation of domains in the vehicle medium explains properties such as voltage generation separating two different polar media and UV-Vis spectra.

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