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Ambra grisea, Case report, Homoeopathy, Ranula, Surgical, Swelling

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Case Report


Introduction: Ranula is a soft translucent swelling that occurs in the floor of the mouth usually causing mild discomfort to the patient. Conventional therapeutic modalities range from the injection of sclerosing agents to various surgical techniques. Only a few documented cases with non-surgical management are available on literature search, as surgery is considered to be the mainstay for this clinical condition. Case Summary: This is a case of a female child with a painless, cystic swelling in the right side of the floor of the mouth of 3-month duration and another smaller painless cystic swelling on the inner side of the right lower lip. Clinical diagnosis reveals the cystic mass in the floor of the mouth as a simple ranula. After individualising the case, homoeopathic medicine Ambra grisea 30 was prescribed, and within 2–3 months, ranula obliterated. The other smaller cystic swelling also disappeared simultaneously.

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