Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy


Calcarea carbonica, Homoeopathy, Individualised medicine, Modified Naranjo criteria, Pelvic inflammatory disease

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Case Report


Introduction: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is a polymicrobial infection of the upper genital tract characterised clinically by triad of symptoms and signs: pelvic pain, cervical motion with adnexal tenderness and fever. Conventional treatment is with broad-spectrum antibiotics. The alternative medicine, especially Homoeopathy, is the second choice of therapy as per the WHO. Case reports of PID in the medical literature are scant. We aim to report a case treated with homoeopathic constitutional medicine in a woman suffering from PID. Case Summary: A 29-year-old female presented with the symptoms of white discharge per vagina, constant dull pain in the lower abdomen, low backache, fever and lassitude for 2 weeks. Clinical findings and ultrasound of the whole abdomen suggested PID. Individualised homoeopathic medicine Calcarea carbonica was prescribed in centesimal potency which showed a positive role in the treatment of PID. Causal attribution of changes in her condition to the homoeopathic treatment was depicted by modified Naranjo criteria. Future observational studies and randomised control trials are suggested to ascertain the efficacy of homoeopathy in the cases of PID.

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