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Calcarea phosphorica, Homoeopathy, Viral warts

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Introduction: Viral warts are the most common cutaneous infection caused by human papillomavirus. Warts can be treated by many available modalities such as cryotherapy, chemical cauterization, curettage, electrodessication and laser removal. However, most of these therapies can cause scarring. They also cause application-site reaction and recurrence. The homoeopathic literature has a plethora of medicines for the treatment of warts. Case Summary: A 4-year-old girl presented with reappearance of multiple warts on the face after a month of laser treatment. This time, the warts were on the right side of the forehead and one on the right cheek and were persisting for 8 months. The patient responded well to individualised homoeopathic treatment, i.e. Calcarea phosphorica 200 in single dose with complete recovery within 1 month without subsequent relapse. Even though the medicine is mentioned in the fourth grade against the rubric 'Face – Warts' in the Complete Repertory and is not used commonly in the cases of warts, it acted beneficially. Hence, this case emphasises the importance of individualised homoeopathic treatment based on characteristic general symptoms.

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