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Ferrum metallicum, Ferrum phosphoricum, Haemoglobin, Homoeopathy, Iron Deficiency Anaemia, School Children, Serum Ferritin

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Background: Anaemia in children has significant adverse health consequences and is a major public health problem. Objective: The objective of this study is to identify efficacy of Ferrum phosphoricum 3X (FP) and Ferrum metallicum 3X (FM) in changing haemoglobin (Hb) levels in school-going children, 12–14 years of age with Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA). Materials and Methods: School children were screened for Hb levels using a portable haemoglobinometer at Noida, Kottayam, Guwahati and Imphal. Children with Hb levels ≤11.9 g% and ≥8 g% were investigated for IDA by measuring serum ferritin level and other parameters. Children enrolled were divided into two categories, i.e., mild (Hb 11–11.9 g%) and moderate anaemia (Hb between 8 and 10.9 g%). Children in both the groups were randomised into FP and FM groups and prescribed accordingly for 3 months. Hb levels were repeated after 3 months. Results: 2,878 children were screened and 792 (27.5%) were identified to have Hb between ≤11.9 g% and ≥8 g%. 102 (mild anaemia: FP-30; FM-29, moderate anaemia: FP-21, FM-22) were enrolled after investigations and consent. Significant increase in Hb was seen in children with moderate anaemia in FP group (9.95 ± 0.749–10.97 ± 1.51). Increase in Hb in other groups was not significant. Conclusion: Percentage of children with low iron reserves and having true IDA was <4%. FP has a potential to improve Hb levels in children with no side effects.

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