Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy


Hepar sulphuricum, Hoarseness, Homoeopathy, Individualisation, Vocal cord nodules

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Case Report


Vocal Cord Nodules (VCNs) are localised benign, superficial growths on the medial surface of the true vocal folds resulting primarily from voice abuse, overuse or misuse and clinically manifested by progressive hoarseness of voice, with increased effort required to produce the voice, vocal fatigue and discomfort or pain in the throat. Conventional treatment methods include conservative voice therapy and surgical intervention. Both treatment methods are required for the resolution of VCNs with improvement of clinical symptoms. Here, a 44-year-old male teacher presented with a history of progressive hoarseness with vocal fatigue, discomfort in the throat during talking and bilateral VCNs since 8 months. There was no improvement after voice rest and voice therapy interventions for 5 months and he was finally advised for surgery, which he denied. He was, instead, successfully treated by individualised homoeopathic single medicine Hepar sulphuricum (30C, 200C and 1M) selected on holistic approach. Over the period of 5 months of homoeopathic treatment, the patient's presenting symptoms of VCNs were improved and with resolution of it. This case report suggests that homoeopathic intervention may be the treatment for the resolution of VCNs with its presenting symptoms.

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