Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy


Animal-based drugs, Biomedicine, Homoeopathy, Sarcodes

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Homoeopathy is one of the most well-practiced medical systems in the world. In Homoeopathy, like all other natural sources, animal and their secretions have been widely used. However, unlike other natural sources of homoeopathic drugs, for example, plants and chemicals, the collection and preparation of animal-based drugs are extremely challenging, especially for drugs from exotic animals. Considering the challenges, we envision that a review regarding the animal-based therapeutics, used in Homoeopathy, may be useful. Our review, consistently has found that the discoveries of the modern biomedicine agree with the reports from the homoeopathic literature. In many cases, the recent biomedical and medicinal chemistry research aptly justifies the findings of the old homoeopathic literature. Even though there are many animal-based homoeopathic drugs, this review will focus only on those drugs which are included in Essential Drugs List of Homoeopathy. We believe this article will not only be beneficial towards homoeopathic community but also may provide needed information regarding homoeopathic findings for future biomedical research.

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