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Calcarea flouricum, Homoeopathy, Infantile haemangioma, Thiosinaminum

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Infantile haemangioma is a benign vascular tumour of childhood, characterised by endothelial cell proliferation. It usually develops shortly after birth and grows most rapidly over the first 6 months. However, it may keep growing for up to 12–18 months. After that, it undergoes regression or involution, and 50% of all infantile haemangiomas have completed involution by the age of 5 years, 70% by the age of 7 years and 90% by the age of 9–12 years. However, in a small percentage of patients in whom haemangioma is not disappearing completely, residual fatty tissue or superficial skin telangiectasias remains. These patients may require drug therapy (propranolol/timolol/steroids/vincristine), surgery and/or laser therapy often during childhood involving certain risks or side effects. However, homoeopathic medicine can quickly, safely and effectively diminish proliferative growth and hasten resolution without any side effects. Two children with infantile haemangioma were treated with homoeopathic medicines, selected on the basis of their totality of symptoms and repertorisation. Each child was followed up every 2–4 weeks’ interval, and photographs were taken to assess/compare the vascularity, height (thickness), pliability and pigmentation according to the Vancouver Scar Scale chart. In the 1st case, the score reduced from 9 to 1 in about 10 months of follow-up and showed 88.8% improvement. In the 2nd case, the score reduced from 9 to 0 in about 10 months of follow-up and showed 100% improvement. These case reports show that early treatment of infantile haemangioma with Homoeopathy medicine can diminish proliferative growth and hasten resolution as early as possible without any side effects.

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