Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy


Calcarea carbonica, Inflammatory, Lacrimal gland, Silicea

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Case Report


Lacrimal glands are exclusive structures possessing both epithelial and lymphoid tissue and may produce a variable range of pathologies such as neoplastic, infective, infiltrative, inflammatory and structural. Treatment is either anti-inflammatory in the form of corticosteroids, radiotherapy or complete excision in the field of modern medicine. A female patient named IB, aged 35 years, came with bilateral firm swelling of the lacrimal gland. She started treatment under modern medicine doctors; however, when she was advised for biopsy, for histopathological examination, she preferred to go for Homoeopathy. The swelling was developing gradually for 2 months – painless, no fluctuation, no fixity to skin and underlying structures. After thorough case-taking followed by repertorisation, Calcarea carbonica 1M, two doses were prescribed. The patient reported after 2 months with zero Outcome in Relation to Impact on Daily Living instrument score. Further modification was done in repertorisation, and now Silicea 1M, two doses was prescribed. Treatment continued for 4 more months and no new medicine or further repetition was required. Documentation was done in the form of photographs of the patient from the same angle under similar light exposure in every follow-up.

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