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Aranea diadema, Cohort, Homoeopathy, Likelihood ratio, Prevalence

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Aim: To assess the prevalence and prognostic factor of Aranea diadema in a population responding well to Aranea diadema. Material and Methods: It was an open label, multicentric observational study wherein patients having minimum two known symptoms matching with the pathogenesis of Aranea diadema were prescribed the remedy in 6C, 30C, 200C, and 1M potencies. The collected data were presented in terms of descriptive statistics. Results: A total of 6806 cases were enrolled. Out of which a total of 172 cases were analysed, and demographic analysis shows male/female: 109/63; mean age 28.3 years. There were “clinical successes” in 115 cases (67.0%) and no response in 57 (33.1%) cases. The number of symptoms found prevalent in responders included proving (n = 13) and literature (n = 8). Symptoms coming from provings guide homoeopathic practitioners in prescribing their medicines, but should also be confirmed in patients responding well to these medicines. Significantly higher prevalence was observed among responders in respect of six tentatively confirmed symptoms (prevalence): Forgetfulness (0.11), white coated tongue (0.21), epistaxis (0.10), thirstlessness (0.13), seminal emissions (0. 23), and fever (0.12). Conclusion: This study was conducted to assess the prevalence of symptoms in a population responding well to Aranea diadema and to compare this with the prevalence of these symptoms in other populations. If a symptom has a higher prevalence in a population responding well to Aranea it indicates the increase of likelihood of a curative action of Aranea when that symptom is present. Our “test”is not meant to diagnose an illness but to increase the accuracy of prescribing Aranea diadema.

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