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Homoeopathy, Clinical Verification, Damiana, Turnera aphrodisiaca

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There is no direct reference of Homoeopathic medicines found useful in chronic cervicitis and cervical erosion available in the Homoeopathic literature. The nearest reference to chronic cervicitis is given as vaginitis, i.e. ‘Inflammation, vagina’ and that of cervical erosion as ‘Excoriation’ in Kent’s Repertory. Some of the medicines under these rubrics have been clinically used by the profession in the treatment of chronic cervicitis and cervical erosion with favourable results. So the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH) undertook this study. Patients for this prospective study were drawn from the general OPD of different units under Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy viz. RRI (H) New Delhi, CRU (H), Shimla CRU (H), Imphal CRU (H), Varanasi, CRU (H), Tirupati during the period, 1987 to 2004. Even if there was lack of laboratory evaluation or availability of gynecologist, the results indicate a positive role of homoeopathic therapy in the clinical management of chronic cervicitis and cervical erosion.

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